Do you wish there was a good Naturopath near you?

Are you sick of missing out on access to natural health care options others take for granted ?

Whether you live in the outback or regional Australia, overseas, or at no fixed address (been there, done that myself), there is no need for you to miss out on what our city friends have easy access to.

Online or virtual Naturopathic Consultations could be the best way for you to access natural and holistic options to help you get to the bottom of those niggly ongoing health issues.

At first, many people wonder how an online consultation can be as effective as sitting in the same physical room as your practitioner. With modern technology available to almost everyone with smart phones and home computers, a Telehealth online consultation can feel like we are sitting in the same room together. 

6 Great Reasons to Choose an Online/Virtual Consultation

Save time: Whether you live in the city, or live rural or remote, getting to the practitioner who is best suited to helping you can be a challenge. In the city you have traffic and parking to deal with. Rural and remote, it can be difficult to find the right person for you within a reasonable driving distance.

Book online when you’re ready: Have you ever found yourself deciding to make a health change in the middle of the night when nothing is open and you can’t phone to make an appointment? With virtual consultations, there is no need to wait until business hours to make a phone call to reception and organise your appointment. When you are ready to take the next step for your health, all you need is internet access to schedule a time with your practitioner. 

Comfort & Convenience: Are you fatigued, time poor, juggling kids, a home and work? The last thing you feel like doing is adding another thing to your to do list that requires effort.  With virtual consultations all you need is your phone or computer and a comfy place to sit. 

No need to dress up or smile politely: When you’re fatigued, not feeling well or struggling emotionally it can be difficult to go out in public. It takes energy to dress appropriately, deal with traffic, parking, people on the street and the waiting area of a clinic. Sometimes you just need a little privacy and less judgement.  Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch with your pajamas and a cuppa. A consultation with me online can be comfortable, peaceful and private. Yes you can wear your pj’s and have a cuppa or snack on hand. 

You don’t have to recall everything your practitioner told you or recommended off the top of your head. Your treatment plan will be typed up and e-mailed to you. Any referrals for testing will be sent to you directly or accessible online. Recipes, information and resources can be e-mailed so you don’t have papers to get lost.

No need to go on a local treasure hunt : The items you have been recommended can be home delivered. Prescription items such as professional quality nutritional supplements, herbal remedies or tinctures can be ordered for delivery to your door so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Whether you live around the corner from me, The Barefoot Naturopath, in Darwin, Northern Territory, or in the middle of the Pilbara, Western Queensland, Alice Springs or Kununnura, we can partner to get you feeling great again. Virtual or online naturopathic consultations can offer you the support you need, from the comfort of your own space, with the professionalism of a clinical setting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I need or already take Medications?
Where do I get any prescriptions I might need?
What about specific foods and meal plans? 
What if I have a question after the appointment or once I start my meal plan or supplements?

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