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The importance of setting healthy boundaries.

It’s been a crazy year to say the least! Is anyone else sick of the words unprecedented, new normal, pivot? Now, more than ever we need to be setting healthy boundaries for ourselves. I’m not talking about physical distancing, I’m talking about emotional, spiritual, intellectual and time boundaries.  Almost every client I am seeing at the […]

Hair loss- what you need to know.

Have you been noticing an increasing amount of hair loss, or maybe a balding patch on your scalp that wasn’t obvious before?  Maybe the people sharing your bathroom have been complaining about the clumps of hair in the drain? When you type “types of hair loss” in the google search bar, you will see there […]

Taking charge of your Health

Sometimes, things just don’t go to plan and it always seems to be at the most inconvenient time.  None of us are immune to change, but it is inevitable. Some would even say that change is the one certainty in life. When it comes to your health and changes that occur it’s important to reflect […]