Autoimmune Eating…

About 2 years ago, I did a strict 30 day Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) eating plan to reduce antibodies in an acute Hashimoto’s flare up (due to stress and a flu). It worked a treat! Using some specific herbal remedies I reduced my antibodies from the thousands, to within reference range inside of 6 months.

In the process I kept a list of the recipes I enjoyed most, and a simple meal plan. I look forward to sharing it with you soon .

AIP Recipes and Meal Planner coming soon…watch this space!

How to follow an AIP diet plan when you are heading out on an adventure.

AIP Friendly Foods for Camping, Outdoors & Picnics

I have created a 3 day meal plan, with recipes for anyone following the AIP diet. This particular plan is designed to be prepared ahead of time, some of the items frozen, ready for reheating to eat hot. Alternatively, many of the recipes could be prepared on a campfire or BBQ. Most of the lunch time snacks can be made suitable for transport wherever you plan to hike or picnic. These would also be suitable for packed work lunches.

Hit the download button below to get your copy.