How can you help me if we live nowhere near each other?

Whether you are sitting in front of me physically or whether we are talking over the internet with a video link, I can ask you the same types of questions. I can find out about you and your health story and discover a lot about what is going on in your body. 

I can see your eyes, skin, hair, tongue all through the computer or phone camera. I can even check on your finger nails. I can hear the tone in your voice, the way you express yourself and all of these things give me lots of information. 

How does virtual consulting work?
When you book in for a consultation, I will send you an email with a ZOOM link or Skype name. Whichever you prefer. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera and inbuilt speakers, or you can use headphones.  Its as easy as clicking on the link in the email to prepare for our appointment at the allocated time. You can even test it out a few minutes before hand. 

Once we are connected, it’s just like being in a room together. 
There are also back up plans, like a phone call and photos, if there are any glitches with the internet during the consultation. 

At the end of the consultation, I will send you an e-mail with a copy of your treatment plan, naturopathic prescription, the action list we discuss and any referrals or further information you might need.

But, what if I need tests done?

If you need blood tests or functional health tests, these can be ordered by me and completed from anywhere in Australia. Some of the tests you can do in your own home. I have access to registered medical and scientific laboratories in Australia and overseas. The results of any testing are delivered to me via secure online portals so that I can use them to create the perfect treatment plan for you. 

Medicare billed pathology tests:
As a naturopath, I cannot order testing that is bulk billed under Medicare. However, you can access this testing through your GP or local medical centre, where relevant, if you haven’t already done so. 
I am trained to read and interpret standard pathology results as well as privately billed functional pathology tests. I am experienced with assessing the values and their relevance to your specific needs even when they are considered “normal” results. 

What if I need or already take Medications?
I am happy to work with your existing GP or write a referral to a doctor in your area which outlines what you have come to see me for, the advice I have given and natural remedies I prescribed, and the treatment plan.  Where relevant, I will also ask your GP for assistance with further investigations or monitoring of treatment progress.  I will always work with you to complement other treatments you are already implementing, not work against them. 

Where do I get any prescriptions I might need?

I have several distributors who can, with my prescription, dispense practitioner quality, professional strength supplements direct to your door or postal address. This includes liquid herbs. I can prescribe tailor made herbal blends and compounded formula to be posted to you directly, for a very small freight charge. Even the repeats can be allocated online. 

What about specific foods and meal plans? 
My goal is that any recommendations I prescribe for you are accessible, effective and sustainable. We will always work first with what is available in your local area, health store or otherwise.  If there is a specific requirement you cannot source locally, I will be able to provide references to where you can access those items easily.  Recipes will also be provided for specific foods.

What if I have a question after the appointment or once I start my meal plan or supplements?
No problem, just send through an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can. This would be the same whether we lived in the same town or thousands of kilometres apart.